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Please read through the FAQs before contacting us.

Can I get a refund? Can I get a raincheck for next year?

An Important Note from the P2A organizers
We are thrilled to be planning a live an in person event this year, and particularly excited about the new 100K event. Having said that we are aware of the unpredictability of the current situation. If we have learned one thing from the past two years, it is how little we really know…

Please be assured that we have developed, and are continuing to develop procedures, to ensure the safest event possible, for all participants, spectators, volunteers, first responders and the public. You will notice and be informed of the various measures we are taking to ensure everyone’s safety, from capacity limitations, time sensitive kit pickup, multiple start location, with multiple waves, flow thru finish line, outdoor post race awards ceremony, and lots of hand washing and sanitizer. We have had two years to work on this, and will be following all relevant Public Health guidelines.

COVID PROTOCOL UPDATE - In order to pick up registration kits, we will NO LONGER require all applicants to provide proof of vaccinations, or a negative PCR test. However you MUST WEAR A MASK when indoors at the Ancaster Community Centre. NO MASK - NO KIT PICKUP. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN MASK. If you are taking a bus to one of the starts, you MUST WEAR A MASK ON THE BUS. NO MASK = NO BUS. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN MASK AND EVEN BRING ALONG A SPARE ONE.

As usual, our refund policy is NO REFUNDS. However when registering participants will be offered the option of purchasing refund insurance thru the registration provider – please consider this and read all details. This insurance DOES NOT cover the event’s cancellation due to COVID or other events out of our control. In the event that the race is cancelled due to public health order, we will be refunding 75% of entry fees, with no option to defer. A rain check is the same as a deferral. We offered deferrals as a courtesy for the 2 Covid years. We are not offering deferrals any longer.

Can I transfer my registration to another ride? Not any more as of Monday April 18th - 11:59PM
From our Home Page - "All electronic registration services have now closed. We won't be accepting any more registrations, transfers or wave changes, or even Team Name changes, after then."
Therefore transfers closed when registration closed on Monday. Please do not contact CCN. It is too late.

Yes. To transfer your entry to another rider, please contact CCNBikes by email at info@ccnbikes.com. After paying a $20 +HST transfer fee, you will be given a unique coupon code that you can forward to the person you are transferring your registration to. Your spot in a particular wave is not retained by the person you transfer your registration to. If you had a deferral from the past you need to first register yourself for the event, pay the transfer fee and then do the transfer.

Can I register race day?

Is there a waiting list for each wave or event?
No, we do not have a waiting list.

Can I change waves?
Yes, when you pick up your race number, go to the wave/event change table to see if a spot is available in the wave you want.  Be patient - riders frequently switch waves or move from the 70km race to the 45km race, leaving openings to be filled. It is done on a first come, first served basis. We can't guarantee that you will be able to change waves even if you are waiting.

How does the pre-race bus and truck work? - Service suspended March 23
We will provide services for those who have purchased bus/truck services before March 23. We are unable to add any more people. If you purchased before March 23 you will get the bus for yourself and the truck for your bike.

Riders must pre-register for the pre-race bus and truck service. From the finish line in Ancaster, bikes will be loaded onto trucks to be taken to the start lines in Paris, Cambridge and St. George. Bus departure times appear on each distance's registration page. A reminder will be emailed to you just prior to race weekend regarding the availability of buses for your distance. There will be no race day walkup pre-race bus service. You must have a prepaid reservation. Reservations for the pre-race bus close when capacity is reached, or April 18, 2022, 11:59PM. If you have already registered, you can add a bus/ bike truck ticket through our registration partner, CCN.
Note: There is no pre-race bus and truck service for P2A20.

How does the post-race bike truck work? - Service suspended March 23
We will provide services for those who have purchased bus/truck services before March 23. We are unable to add any more people. If you purchased before March 23 you will get the bus for yourself and the truck for your bike.
For the 100km, 70km and 45km races another option is available to truck your bike back to the start line after the race, a time saving option if your ultimate destination is west of Paris. Your bike will be loaded onto a truck and returned to the start line, where it will be stored in a secure bike corral area, guarded by a security guard until you come to get it. In the meantime, you get to have lunch, trade stories, stay for the awards ceremony and then take the shuttle bus back to the start line, where your bike will be waiting. The start line corral will close at 6pm. Bus service every 20 minutes is included.You can pay for this service when you register. If you have already registered, you can add a bike truck ticket through our registration partner, CCN.

Is the route very technically difficult?
No, by most mountain biking standards the route is not a difficult technical challenge. It is a long, periodically very muddy, (unless it rains …) and physically challenging and interesting ride though.

How muddy is it?
99.8% of the route is ride-able in all weather conditions. There are 3-4 short sections of guaranteed mud. These are 50m to 100 m long, 3-10cm deep. Many riders shoulder their bike and run these sections.

Are maps of the route available?
No, we do not publish maps of the route because several sections of the course are on private property, which we only have permission to use on race day. To help ensure the longevity of the race we ask that you do not trespass on other days of the year. The map pages have directions to the start and finish lines and as we get closer to the race date, we will add a spectator map for those who want to watch.

When will the course be marked/Can I pre ride the route?
See question above. The final route is not marked until the morning of the race. In the event of bad weather some sections of the course may be excluded to prevent environmental damage, or detoured around downed trees. We will have a legal pre-ride course map, without private property, available in the future. Please be aware that much is weather dependent and April 2022 is a long way off.

Do I need a racing licence?
No, but a licence/permit from Cycling Canada, The Ontario Cycling Association , USA Cycling, or any UCI federation will get preferred seeding (subject to wave limits).

How do I enter without my 2022 licence?
To enter the 100km or Wave 1 of the 70km, use your 2021 licence information. Bring the updated details at race time
To enter Wave 2-4 of the 70km race, or Wave 1 or 2 in the 45km race, there are no qualification/licence/membership standards.

If I can't make it to the race and I am already registered will you mail me my t-shirt?
No, we will donate it for you to one of our volunteer marshaling organizations. If you ordered other merchandise from the race store, please email.

Can I pick up the race number and registration kit on race day?

Yes AND No. VIPs have always been able to pick up their kits in Ancaster on race day. Registrants who purchased the P2A Convenience Package through CCN may also pick up their kit in Ancaster on race day. P2A20 riders can pick up their kit at Bishop Tonnos School (the ride start) on race day. If you are riding the P2A45 or P2A 70 or P2A100 there is no race day kit pick up. There are so many people doing these 2 distances that if everyone showed up on race day we couldn't get them their kit and have them reach the starts on time. Please assist us by coming to get your kit on Saturday. Thank you for your understanding.

What if I can’t make it the day before the race to pick up my race kit?

Kits can be picked up by a friend, team captain, etc. To pick up kits for you, they will need to show an email from you indicating that you in fact do give permission to pick it up for you.

Can I pick up the race number and registration kit for my friends?

YES! In fact we encourage it! However, in order to pick up kits for friends you will need to show an email from them indicating you in fact do have permission to pick it up. You will also need to show your ID in order to pick up your own kit. Remember that kit pick up is on Saturday, not Race Day.


Most participants in the P2A do not have to present a signed waiver at registration. If you are over 18, the online waiver you acknowledged when entering is sufficient. Exceptions
- If you are under 18, a parent or guardian must sign a paper waiver. Faxed or photocopied signatures are acceptable.
- The 2nd adult in a tandem, mixed team in P2A70 or P2A45 and the P2A20 family entry must have a signed waiver.
- All “in person” race entries on Saturday April 23 will have to sign a paper waiver.

What are the elimination/cut off times?
Riders should be confident that they can finish the 100km ride in 5 hours. Riders should be confident that they can finish the 70km ride in 4 1/2 hours or the 45 km ride in 3 hours. The race course will close at pro-rated times at 35km, 20km and 10km to go. If you're late you will not be permitted to continue. Cutoff times will be adjusted according to course conditions at the organizer's discretion. There will be a cutoff added with 70K to go on the P2A100. Details to be confirmed.


Cutoff #1 - Cambridge 10:30am - 68KM TO GO (shuttle available)
Cutoff #2 - Harrisburg Aid Station 12:30pm - 36KM TO GO (shuttle available)
Cutoff #3 - Jerseyville Road & the Rail Trail - 2pm 14KM TO GO (shuttle available)
Cutoff #4 - Slote Road and Mineral Springs Road - 2:30pm 6KM TO GO (you will be directed east on Mineral Springs Road bypassing the Powerline Road Mud Slide)

The shuttle will take you to the finish line. We recommend that inexperienced or first time participants tackle the P2A45 their first year, prior to attempting the P2A70 or the P2A100 event in the future.

How does your bag transfer service work?
When you come to registration, pick up a white gear bag and clearly write your race number on it. Put your pre ride clothes and/or post ride essentials in the bag, take them to one of our trucks at the start line and we will transport them to the finish. Retrieve your stuff by showing your number plate at the finish line. We are not responsible for lost/ stolen items. Do not include valuables.

Which event should I enter?
We offer four great events – P2A100 Paris to Ancaster, P2A70 Cambridge to Ancaster, and the P2A45 St. George to Ancaster (which follows the final 45 km of the Paris Ancaster course), and the P2A20. The 75 km - riders must make it to the halfway point in Harrisburg within 2 hours and 15 minutes of the start or they will not be allowed to continue on the course. There will be a shuttle provided to take you to the finish line. For this reason we would recommend that inexperienced or first time participants tackle the 45 km race or the 20km ride the first year, prior to attempting the 70 km event in a future year. The 45 km offers all the same benefits as the 75 km, including lots of fun and challenging terrain (eg Jack's Dirt Chute, the Prenderlaan, the Powerline Road Mud Slide, Martin Road Climb), with just a little less pain than the full 75 km route. The 20km route is untimed, less muddy, family friendly and a perfect introduction to the P2A experience.

What are the award categories?
Cash awards for the top 10 male & female racers overall (P2A100 race only). Final purse tba. Medals to the top 3 in each age group and special classification (singlespeed, unicycle etc) in the P2A70 and P2A45. P2A20 is untimed thus there are no results or awards.

What kind of bike should I use?
Mountain bikes, hybrids and cyclocross bikes are recommended. The race has been won on a cyclo-cross bike, 26" mtb, 29" mtb and a road bike, (with mtb pedals and a world junior time trial champion on board)

Are E-bikes Permitted in the P2A?
Yes and no. Electric assisted bikes are encouraged to join the P2A20 Family Ride. No electric assisted bikes (no motors of any kind) are permitted in the P2A100, P2A70 and P2A45, as these 3 events are races. If you have accommodations and use an e-bike please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your circumstances.

Can I use earbuds or headphones?

Can I use aero bars/extensions?
No, the P2A is a mass start race. Aero bars/extensions are not permitted on either drop bars or flat bars. Bar ends are permitted on flat bars (ie. mountain bike bars) only.

What is the course like?
The P2A70 course consists of 24km of gravel and dirt roads, 5km of farm lanes, 19km of rail trail, 14km of singletrack (1-3km sections) and 8km of paved road. The 45km course is the second half of the P2A70. It has a similar breakdown of course conditions. WE ARE NOT RELEASING SPECIFICS OF THE P2A100 AT THIS TIME. The P2A100 has new roads never before in the P2A. Trails too. Some big hills. You will have to wait to see.

The course changes from year to year, often because of local weather conditions. The course breakdown for the 20 km is approximately 7km gravel road, 5km of paved road, 5 km of smooth gravel rail trail and 3km of single track.

Where do I get my race number?
Saturday, April 23 2022 - 10am to 5pm for P2A100, P2A70, P2A45 and P2A20 at the Ancaster Community Center/Robert E. Wade Community Park, Ancaste rOntario
Sunday, April 24 2022 - VIP only at Ancaster (no P2A 100, P2A70, or P2A45 pickup)
Sunday, April 24 2022 - P2A Plus Package, P2A convenience package at Ancaster Supercentre - MAP CLICK HERE (2ND MAP LOWER ON PAGE)
Sunday, April 24 2022 – Bishop Tonnos High School for the P2A20 only

Are there places to stay over on Saturday Night before the race?
Yes. Brant County Tourism can direct you to a number of accommodations in the region. CLICK HERE

When can I get my medal and/or prize money?
Award ceremonies are at 3pm on race day at the Ancaster community centre. You or a representative must be in attendance to get your medal/prize. Medals/prizes will not be mailed.

What is a tandem?
A tandem is a bicycle built for 2 riders. We consider trail-a-bike type things tandems as well.

What is a Fat Bike?
A fat bike is a style of bicycle built with extra wide tires. It is now available in both the P2A45 and the P2A70. We are specifying a minimum tire width of 3.7" as stamped on the sidewall of the tire. We'll check at the finish. It shouldn't be a problem as most fat bikes are using 4 inch or wider tires.

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